The word ‘Textile’ has its derivation from the Latin word ‘Texere’ meaning weaves. With the history of the textile as old as the Vedic civilization, this aspect equally has it’s importance in the modern world as well.

With an eye to flourish the industry in the state of Rajasthan first and then taking a step ahead and emerging as one of the leading global exporters of home textiles, began the journey of Art Age with late Shri Ram Swaroop Vijaivargia in 1981. Having an aspiring knowledge of art in the state with the likes of other two eminent leaders, that’s is, late Shri Kripal Singh Shekhawat & late erstwhile Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur, art as an industry explored and expanded the most in the olden days.

It all began with him and his ideology and invention; and today with a step ahead the next generation has taken it to complete new heights.

Home furnishing & textiles caters to all to help you beautify your interiors along with the exteriors.

With a wide range of rugs, dhurries, throws, planters; textile has covered all, in – out & top to bottom.

Simple know-how of a few products that have been on top of our list due to exuberant customer demands over the past four decades. Keep scrolling, maybe you might want one, because of its blend of the antique and modern mix.

Rugs and Dhurries

Warm and cozy colored rugs for the chilly winters and bright, welcoming dhurries for the summer are all that one wishes to see with the first step in the haven called HOME With a large demand in the market around the globe, rugs, and Dhurries have been our top-rated products.

Don’t miss out to check the collection on the website.

Abstract, Indigo, or rustic what would you prefer? Don’t worry. We keep you sorted with a wide range of collections. If you like abstract painted cushion collection or a simple and rustic collection which never gets outdated, rather is revamped and makes a mark with its old fashioned design, it’s all in here.

This is something which is always trending, and if it’s nice and trending, it can simply stand out at its best. For you to keep you uptrend and in-trend, the ever-changing times keep us equipped with the unique designs.

Bright, bold furniture designs can simply turn around the aura of your space and make its presence by far and large. Haven’t you tried yet, try it with us.

The lively green living creatures shouldn’t be left alone in the house. We have personalized and exclusively designed planters for these green species to feel special. Don’t you think they also deserve to be lit up sometimes? Well, why not!

Wall Hangings
Wall hangings are the cure for your boring walls. Normal is boring, so why not add some colour with the hand-knitted wall hangings and add texture and 3D dimension to our interiors. Photo frames and portraits are too passé, so why not make love connections between these inanimate objects? Wall hangings add depth to even already perfectly designed space and add to the overall look.

Not all would know what basically throws are, let’s us tell you. Throws are a piece of cloth, which mainly serves for decorative purposes. Throws are something which can be used in various ways, it’s up to you how you would wish to adorn it, on a bed, couch, sofa or used it to cover oneself as a

Keeping up with the style, throws are something which simply brings and adds comfort to your zone. So, wouldn’t you want to add this in your arena?
The list doesn’t end here. With a lot of other products and variety, it simply gets difficult to get all in words. Find us coming up with more variety and collection at Artage.


“The colors and design of a home should be a reflection of the people who live inside”

The urban life has become very congested and the only place of rest is home hence the importance of the interior of our homes increases. Selecting good fabric is just as important as selecting a good piece of furniture. The essence of your personality is visible by the colors, textiles, and furniture you own.
Color, print is a significant contributor in creating the right environment and impression to others. A general idea of the feel of your home should create: warm and cozy, cool and modern, or delightfully eclectic. Spend time visualizing what you want, so that you are not completely lost when you start shopping from us for home décor. Here are some types of home décor you should check out to find your style:
Rustic: earthy, rough, and unfinished. Rustic takes you right back to basics. Unpolished furniture and earth-tone fabrics are a good match for a rustic look.
Minimalistic: keep it simple, think monochrome. Leave empty spaces, sleek furniture, and sharp lines.
Traditional: want nothing more than a comfortable, welcoming look? Think of classic furnishing, patterned or textured rugs, antique accents, simple symmetry, and last but not the least, thoughtful color scheme.
Contemporary: the contemporary style aims to be neat, subtle, and superbly designed. Plenty of open spaces with a neutral color palette is a good start to achieve this style.
It’s always good to define your style and make your home.



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