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“The colors and design of a home should be a reflection of the people who live inside”

The urban life has become very congested and the only place of rest is home hence the importance of the interior of our homes increases. Selecting good fabric is just as important as selecting a good piece of furniture. The essence of your personality is visible by the colors, textiles, and furniture you own.
Color, print is a significant contributor in creating the right environment and impression to others. A general idea of the feel of your home should create: warm and cozy, cool and modern, or delightfully eclectic. Spend time visualizing what you want, so that you are not completely lost when you start shopping from us for home décor. Here are some types of home décor you should check out to find your style:
Rustic: earthy, rough, and unfinished. Rustic takes you right back to basics. Unpolished furniture and earth-tone fabrics are a good match for a rustic look.
Minimalistic: keep it simple, think monochrome. Leave empty spaces, sleek furniture, and sharp lines.
Traditional: want nothing more than a comfortable, welcoming look? Think of classic furnishing, patterned or textured rugs, antique accents, simple symmetry, and last but not the least, thoughtful color scheme.
Contemporary: the contemporary style aims to be neat, subtle, and superbly designed. Plenty of open spaces with a neutral color palette is a good start to achieve this style.
It’s always good to define your style and make your home.



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